Monday, November 14, 2005

Recipe: Crabs in coconut milk

The reason why the waistline has been way past the tape after spending All Soul's Day in Baler. Unlike most bloggers I don't go to the gym anymore. The secret behind the very tasty sauce of this dish is the use of the broth after steaming (technically it's not steaming, but boiling the crabs in about a cup of water) the alimasag until it changes color, to milk out the grated coconuts. Alternatively, one can use canned coconut milk and mix some of the broth into the former. Fiddlehead ferns should be used the day they are picked, which, for the city dweller is quite unfortunate, as they blacken easily when not used within the day. Other vegetables which can be used are sitao and squash, eggplants or banana hearts. PS. I just found out that the difference between alimasag and alimango is that the former has speckled shells and the latter is very much black.


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