Monday, October 17, 2005

(The quasi-mandatory) About Me

Our House
There are blogs and there are food blogs. Now that I've gone through the hassle of an opening statement, I took a deep breath and opened Fire Water Husband. I practically switched on and off this blog, called it by different names (one of which went by The Empire of Wansuy) and debated with myself for a while what it should look like, what to do with tons of foodporn in my drive and the craving to do it in a photobloggish way and say something sensible in the end. And so, Fire Water Husband is born. Leave, shoot and eat is just an afterthought, something that better Neanderthals strive to live up to domesticity. In this day and age, my spear is a plastic card and some metal discs for our communal steed but my prey in the country didn't change much. No free-range, kosher or organic organisms but this is borne more out of logistical shortcomings than choice. We live in hand-me-down land from the termites in the middle of an industrial cesspool known as Santa Rosa. Some points, too which goes by the clinical name of disclaimers: I am not Ilocano but my wife is, and so is 90% of the household. But I tend to believe that my father had roots in the northeast because the Guerrero clan says so. Make that 95%. Ilocandia is a harsh landscape and so was Baler, but being transplanted to Pasay in the economic stagnation of the early 80's is harsh, still. Thus the recipes, but you don't know how poverty sometimes brings out the creativity in all of us. Which brings me to the second one. I am not a vegetarian, much more a vegan. It just happened that northern cuisine is host to a galaxy of vegetables we Tagalog imperialists feign ignorance to. Katuray flower is not meant as a joke to your significant other, but a tasty partner to bagoong. And I'm still bothered: is seaweed a vegetable? It looks like my page views are almost four minutes long, but I'm thinking it's probably because the pictures take too long to download. Sorry, but it is made that way, and I have plans of my own which are not sinister, for your information. If the images don't appear, there is always e-mail, or just wait when my plan materializes, which should be months from now. It's just that (places hand on chest then takes a deep breath) I feel ennobled showing off a culinary heritage that is well around us that we take for granted, or treat with exotic curiosity and place it high alongside our dusty gewgaws because that is where we get our social acceptance. I don't take brand names in my recipe listings, but any gift would be nice, thank you. Last, I am not a pro photographer, a pro designer or a pro chef. It just happened that I knew Photoshop when I was still a wiry freshman. I may know something but not everything, so there may be times that I make mistakes. As one northerly joke goes, to err is human, to gue garao. Oh, there goes my job description. I am really an engineer.


Anonymous santos. said...

yes, it may take four minutes (or more) for your site to be viewable, but it's one of the only blogs i'll wait out that four minutes. nice to meet you, fantastic job you are doing.

10/25/2005 12:03:00 PM  

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